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Training, instruction and teaching - Getting the best from your team and your systems

Training is so helpful to get the best out of your ICT. It minimises the time taken to find your way around new or existing systems. It enables your team to get much more from the software they are using and this improves your organisation’s throughput and much reduces time spent trying to find solutions by trial and error. Entec specialise in one to one and small-group hands-on practical training, working with your systems and your information. A much more effective approach than the classroom style “chalk and talk” it has the added benefit of getting your system up and running or getting better use or information from an existing one.

We focus around key products that are in common use where a little training can offer significant benefits and overcome those niggling issues!

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows and Exchange Servers and Networking
  • Sage
  • Databases using Act!
  • MindManager

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Installation and training to provide skills to your team

As part of an installation, be it a complete network or a single piece of software we encourage our customers to undertake some training. Two areas are particularly popular.

Microsoft Windows and Exchange Servers and Networking

For network installations this is strongly recommended so that one member of your staff has the necessary knowledge to deal with day-to-day matters. (Alternatively, we can provide you with remote system administration (link) and provide this from our offices and save you having to have a designated IT person)


For Sage, the most popular accounts software in the UK, our training is usually in the form of working with members of staff in a workshop session to help them setup your accounts system. We then follow up with later sessions to sort out any issues and answer any queries that have arisen.

Many clients continue to utilise our Sage expertise to make improvements to their systems. Creating specific reports to get just the right collection of information out of your accounts is a popular and time saving service that we provide.

Databases using Act!

Many charities have asked us to collect key client data on computer to enable them to get away from collections in spreadsheets, disparate databases and card indexes. Act!, an inexpensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package from Sage can be adapted highly effectively. Entec can provide this service, work alongside you or provide training to get your systems in order. An increasingly requested facility is to be able to report information to the funders.


Mind mapping is a brilliant concept – even without a computer! To help introduce it and to get your team up to speed we can provide training on both the concept and the software. There are just so many areas where mind mapping can help. It usually starts with the CEO!