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Support for your software, computers and networks

Who to turn to when you get IT problems at 4 pm on a Friday? Or how to avoid problems in the first place!

Rob and Roy: “…..both Shilpa and Natalie were singing your praises yesterday.  They said you worked very hard and both remained happy, calm and informative whilst you were on site with them.  They agreed that you are both all round very nice guys…..”
Foundation for Liver Research

Cost savings

Coloured Network Cables

In depth IT skills are expensive and smaller organisations can rarely afford a full time in-house IT person, let alone a department, yet the need for support is always there. Minimise your costs and let Entec Novare become your IT department.

One phone number - for hardware and software queries

Most computer systems have occasional problems, require users to be added or changed, software or hardware updating or added. Do you phone the software supplier or the hardware manufacturer for help and one may well tell you to phone the other! With a Support Contract you only need to call one number.

Stop possible problems before they turn into a disaster – pro-active support
In day-to-day use viruses can attack, hard disks run out of space, systems get clogged and slow down. Our most popular level of Support Contract in charities provides remote access to your systems. When the contract is signed a senior engineer will visit your organisation to do a site survey of your IT equipment and set up a remote access facility. We can then monitor critical factors and stop the problems before they occur.


If you do have IT staff or people with key IT skills they can be absent - vacations, sickness, training days. Entec Novare can fill the gap and will always have engineers available for telephone support or on-site visits if required.

Have a planned IT budget - eliminate unexpected bills

With an Entec Novare Support Contract you can know what you are budgeting for and what you are getting. We can assist you plan your budgets 3 and 4 years ahead by advising on annual costs and likely replacement costs in years to come. We aim to eliminate hidden costs by providing (depending on contract level):

  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Regular Site Visits
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Remote monitoring of networks

And 3 good reasons for working with Entec Novare

Empathy with the voluntary sector
As an experienced supplier to education and charities you can be assured of keen pricing and an understanding of your constraints. You can choose the level of support that’s best for your computer systems from our simple 4-option menu. If you prefer we can provide ad-hoc support and bill you on the spot or monthly. We can even charge your credit card.

Wealth of experience

Because of our experience in the voluntary sector and wide variety of customer requirements each with their own systems our engineers have the skills to provide support for stand-alone systems or multi server networks in multi office locations.

We can help where you are:

Map showing location of support customers

key image Entec charity customers across the country (for clarity not all are featured)

Maybe you just need additional resource?

There are occasions when your own IT person or department needs to complete a project in a specific time. Entec Novare’s Technical Team can work with them so that they can focus on key areas whilst we tackle time-consuming tasks. Alternatively we can bring in expertise that may not be available in-house since technical training courses to provide those skills can be expensive.

As an experienced supplier to education and charities you can be assured of keen pricing and an understanding of your constraints. You can choose the level of support that’s best for your computer systems from our simple 4-option menu.

Services included in Support Contracts (*new)
  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Telephone Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remote Diagnostics yes yes yes optional
Site Visit yes yes optional optional
Annual System Review yes optional optional optional
Priority Response optional optional optional optional
Monthly Health Check* optional optional optional optional
Remote System Administration* optional optional optional optional
On-Site Administration* optional optional optional optional
Standard On-site Extension* optional optional optional optional
Standard On-site Extension* optional optional optional optional

Telephone Support

Unlimited telephone support for servers, PCs, laptops and network devices including:

  • Server and workstation operating systems and applications
  • Microsoft Office applications excluding databases
  • Network services

Remote Diagnostics

Allows Entec Novare Limited to remotely access your system, review problems on line, remotely take corrective action to resolve problems and where necessary to assist users to make changes where they are unfamiliar with applications.

Site Visits

One Working Day per year on-site attendance by an Entec Novare Limited engineer, when remote diagnostics are unable to resolve problems, or to provide training, advice or other related assistance.

Annual System Review

An Entec Novare Limited engineer will visit and review the system and operating procedures. A report will be produced of the current system status including recommendations for improvements.

Priority Response

An engineer will visit next Working Day on request in the event of major system failure.

Monthly Health Check

An on-line (remote) monthly system health check and report designed to identify potential problems before they become critical.

Remote System Administration

Covers all items of system administration including creating/maintaining user and Exchange accounts, system security including Active Directory administration and Group policies, configuration and access to shared drives and devices.

This Option can be included as part of the Support Agreement, provided on a chargeable ad-hoc basis or purchased in Incident Packs.

On-site System Administration

Regular engineer visits for whole or half day to perform system maintenance checks, hardware or software installations, basic user training and offering advice on system performance and newly available facilities.

Standard On-site Extension

Covers all hardware and Software faults including call out charges and labour.

Priority On-site Extension

As Standard On-Site Extension with guaranteed next Working Day service but subject always to availability of parts.