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Cubase Pro

Cubase Pro
Designed to meet the requirements of professional producers, composers, musicians and sound engineers, Cubase is one of the most popular digital audio workstations. With pristine sound quality, intuitive handling and an unrivaled range of advanced tools Cubase is considered by many as the most complete DAW available and sets the benchmark for contemporary music production software.

Cubase Artist

Cubase Artist
Cubase Artist offers all you need to develop your songs and productions from scratch. Streamlined recording and vocal editing tools, inspirational composing features, superb virtual instruments, FX, amps and much more.

Cubase Elements

Cubase Elements
Cubase Elements welcomes you to the world of Cubase, offering a streamlined music production environment with plenty of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix.


Dorico is the next-generation scoring application from Steinberg, with a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Dorico’s output is the equal of the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine.

Using notation software speeds up the process of getting music performed and published. It allows people whose creative expression would otherwise remain private and personal to realize their ambitions of having their music performed. It allows students to learn the complex language of music notation more quickly and efficiently.

Groove Agent

Groove Agent
Easy-to-use yet powerful drum studio is the ultimate source for any kind of drum production style. Go beyond your standard workflows and get creative by combining electronic beats with warm acoustic drums to produce your individual sound.


HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today.

It covers creative workflow from recording and sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and modulation setups. With HALion you can create customized user interfaces and export ready-to-release instrument libraries.

The powerful set of oscillators for seamless sample playback as well as the next-generation synthesis make HALion a versatile creative tool in simply every situation. Its library includes thousands of high-class and deep-sampled instruments and cutting-edge synthesizer sounds for all kinds of musical genres.

WaveLab Pro

WaveLab Pro
WaveLab is the industry-standard production environment for mastering, audio editing, restoration, broadcasting and field recording, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of today’s professionals. Employed in numerous facilities the world over by mastering engineers working on high quality CD and DVD productions as well as music aficionados looking to restore favorite records or even create podcasts on the fly, WaveLab Pro provides a host of tools to most certainly surpass all expectations and seamlessly integrate into existing studio setups.

WaveLab Elements

WaveLab Elements
Affordable yet powerful WaveLab Elements production environment is devoted to the needs of home producers and musicians, delivering quality when it comes to editing and restoring audio material alongside creating state-of-the-art podcasts. The smallest member of the current WaveLab product range provides a convincing toolset which will most certainly meet your requirements while seamlessly integrating into your home studio setup.


  Cost per License
  1-4 Licenses 5-9 Licenses 10-24 Licenses 25+ Licenses
Cubase Family        
Cubase Pro 9.5 PC/MAC USB Key £256.00 £218.45 £205.60 £192.75
Cubase Artist 9.5 PC/MAC USB Key £141.00 £120.70 £113.60 £106.50
Cubase Elements 9.5 PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £47.50 £40.80 £38.40 £36.00
Dorico Family        
Dorico PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £248.00 £211.65 £199.20 £186.75
Dorico Crossgrade PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £127.00 £108.80 £102.40 £96.00
Virtual Instrument Family        
Groove Agent 4 PC/MAC Key required £77.50 £66.30 £62.40 £58.50
HALion Sonic 3 PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £105.00 £90.10 £84.80 £79.50
HALion 6 PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £148.00 £126.65 £119.20 £111.75
Wavelab Family        
WaveLab Pro 9.5 PC/MAC USB Key £234.00 £199.75 £188.00 £176.25
WaveLab Elements 9.5 PC/MAC Soft eLicenser £47.50 £40.80 £38.40 £36.00

Please note that prices shown are exclusive of VAT. For most software there are no delivery charges for licenses or downloads. Shipping charges are applicable to physical items, boxed products, activation cards and some software.

Eligibility and Proof of Status:

  • Education Institutions: Official Purchase Order
  • Charities and Not for Profit organisations: Official Purchase Order
  • Staff and Students: Please phone or email with School/College/University and payment details