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Print Manager Plus (PMP)

Software Shelf Printing Smarter Software Shelf are leading experts in helping manage printing environments from schools to small organisations. Audit, monitor, secure and control you printing infrastructure using Print Manager Plus.

Every day staff and students in schools, colleges and charities needlessly print emails, pictures, texts, and web pages with little or no thought as to what it costs.  Using all those trees is bad enough and toner and ink cartridge costs mount up.

Irresponsible printing puts a strain on your organisation’s budget and Print Manager Plus can eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% or more on a single network.  Print Manager Plus allows for full setting of printing quotas, restrictions, and detailed tracking of all printing history.

If you’re printing environment is a network or just a simple workgroup setup, Print Manager Plus is for you.  The efficacy and speed of the product is transparent to the user.  The product can audit any Operating System and printer.

Print Manager Plus puts you in control of hidden printing costs.  It's the simplest and easiest way to audit your printing.

Print Manager Plus provides you with:

Users of Print Manager Plus:

“Print Manager Plus (PMP) has helped save us money from our IT budget by being able to select different printing costs for individual printers. This has enabled us to better control our higher cost printers. Before PMP was installed our students were abusing colour printing which was costing us more and more each week. Now that we are able to control this they are cutting down on their printing and even in some cases reverting to duplex printing. This has helped us in order to allow us to buy new servers for this summer.” —Steve Roach, East Devon College (Tiverton, Devon)

Software Shelf Print Manager Plus
Licence Price

Print Manager Plus Single Server Edition incl Print Console free with each full PMP License

 £ 521.00

Print Manager Plus Enterprise Edition incl Print Console free with each full PMP License

 £ 653.00


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