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Great News for Primary Education
Previously under Microsoft’s School’s Agreement it was hard for primary institutions to justify the large expenditure associated with obtaining a site wide license for the schools computers. With the new OVS-ES programme, the school can now license its computers, site wide based on the number of Full Time Employees (minimum of 5 required).

Under the new OVS-ES scheme, license prices for educational institutions are calculated using the total number of Full Time Employees known as FTE’s. Under the normal Schools Agreement, the license price is calculated based on the total number of computers at the institution. This means that huge savings can be made (as long as the number of FTE’s does not exceed the number of PCs on site) across educational institutions. Apart from the way licence prices are calculated, the OVSES and Schools Agreement schemes are fundamentally the same.

The minimum number of FTE’s for licensing under the OVS-ES agreement is 5. This is excellent news for smaller education establishments like infant and primary schools where previously it may have been difficult to obtain a ‘site license’ under the Schools Agreement.

OVS-ES Key Points:

How Entec saved a customer money:

A school’s license agreement was up for renewal. Entec suggested making use of the new OVS-ES scheme from Microsoft. The customer had 500 desktop computers and 68 Full Time Employees.

Under the Schools Agreement scheme:

500 (PC’s)

Dsktp School All Languages Lic/SA Pack MVL




Windows Svr Std All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL




SQL Svr Standard Edtn All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Processor License







Under the new OVS-ES scheme:

68 (FTE’s)

DsktpEdu ALNG LicSAPk OLV E 1Y Ent
















Under the new OVS-ES scheme the customer saved nearly £11,000.

Schools Agreement or OVSES?

While this new OVSES scheme can offer huge savings on Microsoft products it is worth noting that it’s not suitable for all educational institutions. If the number of Full Time Employees exceeds the number of PC’s on site then it would be more appropriate and cost effective to opt for the original Microsoft Schools Agreement. If you are unsure of which scheme would be best for you please don’t hesitate to call us (01462 499599) and we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you have.

Comparison between School Enrolment and OVS-ES


School Enrolment


Education Institutions

  • Primary and Secondary
  • Primary and Secondary
  • Higher Education

Licence Types

  • Subscription with SA
  • Subscription with SA

Annual Counting

  • Number of PCs
  • Number of FTEs


  • Level A: 50+ Units
  • Level B: 2500+ PCs
  • Level E: 5+ FTEs
  • Level F: 1000+ FTEs


  • Platform products enterprise wide
  • Additional products enterprise wide
  • Platform products enterprise wide
  • Additional products as required


  • 12 or 36 months
  • 12 or 36 months


  • Enrolment under CASA
  • OVS agreement through eAgreements


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