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Services Rental

Software, application and servers rental

How much easier might it be if you didn’t have to worry about keeping your computer network running, or up to date, and that the facilities you wanted could be simply rented at a small cost per month for each user?

Or you might have a six-month project and needed extra Office and Email facilities for a team of people for that project only. Instead of heaving to find the funds for a new server, software, installation, support and training you simply rent the facility.

Support, maintenance, updates and security are all included and keeping the systems going is not your worry. Someone else will be watching over them. Your facility would be secure to you alone, scanned for viruses and spam as required and all information would be backed up daily.

For a lot of smaller organisations engaging someone full time to look after the IT is not financially practical. Renting can solve that problem too. It would, of course, be set up the way you wanted.

Some organisations work to a financial structure where renting facilities works better for their budgeting than capital investments.

From January 2007 Microsoft introduced a wide range their software for rental at special discounted prices for education and the voluntary sector. Many of your IT requirements can now be satisfied by rental and you can rent the software, for each user, per month. Entec Novare will be providing the technical facilities.