Dear Ian,
I have now successfully launched Mindjet Pro 7 and wish to thank you and your team for all the help I have been given and for the speed with which you answer my queries.  It has been a real treat to do business with you.|Canon Dr Gerald Hughes, Greenwich School of Theology

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You’re looking to move office.

We can provide an relocation service that ranges from fitting some additional cabling through to managing the whole move for you - leaving you to focus on your job.

There can be a variety of reasons for a move. You may need additional space for more staff or less space because you can use technology to implement remote working. Your lease may be ending or you’re combining with another organisation or changing direction and need a different type of facility. These are all types of move that we have helped with over the years at Entec Novare.

Equally your move may be within your building or to an additional site and you may be needing to link two or more sites together.

There are loads of things to consider, plan, coordinate and organise when moving (It is, after all, for domestic moves, the third most stressful thing after death and divorce. We’re not aware that anyone’s measured the stress of a business move but it does involve a lot more).

Some areas needing considering:

We can work with you on one or more of these or provide a complete service.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you shut the door on one office at 5.30 pm Friday and sat down in your new office at 9.00 am the following Monday at your desk with your phone and computer all working. We’ll even supply a list of the local sandwich and coffee shops!