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Enabling people to communicate and collaborate work on their computer, within an organisation, is fundamental. From the simple sharing of files and printers in a small office to complex management, manipulation and sharing of information from different locations in the UK or even the globe, Entec Novare can help you.

Internal and single site

Our considerable practical experience within charities and not for profit organisations means that we provide cost effective networks that provide the required ICT infrastructure and are sympathetically installed. We have worked in old, new, commercial and listed buildings and provided cabled and wireless solutions, single and multiple servers. Where needed we have connected buildings with fibre optic, radio or lasers.

Essential, of course are email and, increasingly, VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections

Remote working

For practical or financial reasons or work life balance or a need to connect outlying offices or minimise travel to have a positive environmental impact there has been a dramatic increase in staff working from home or remote offices.

With IT being key to many organisations, communications, sharing of information or data and collaborative work has to be maintained to and from these remote sites. With deceasing cost of broadband and hardware this has become a practical and increasingly installed facility. In addition, integration with existing telephone systems, VoIP (link), Skpe (link) and video conferencing are options that can provide better and, in the last three instances, less costly communications. These can be incorporated so that they are invisible to the callers.

Behind the scenes is the hardware and software that makes all this possible. Entec can get it all working for you then provide on-going support. You only need to have one number to phone, one supplier to deal with – less hassle, less time consuming for you. You can focus on your key activities.

Rob and Roy: “…..both Shilpa and Natalie were singing your praises yesterday.  They said you worked very hard and both remained happy, calm and informative whilst you were on site with them.  They agreed that you are both all round very nice guys…..”
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