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Order single and multipack copies now

(Call 01462 499599 for licencing options)

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SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS! From 1st July Microsoft will donate software to charities

Unsolicited customer feedback after directing them to the Microsoft Donations Programme:

"Many thanks for your very helpful letter and especially the info about the CTX programme....... I am now in touch with CTX and attempting to establish our eligibility for a donation......Thanks again."
John Turcan, OIR Largs (Opportunities in Retirement)

"This looks fantastic!  I will check it out, and am sure to be in touch when we need other licenses. Many thanks, Anne."
Anne Hume
NAM Publications
NAM is an award-winning charity that publishes a wide range of resources for all communities of people with HIV and those working on HIV.

"You may remember we spoke recently about some software for Wellgate Community Farm. You kindly recommended I try the CTX scheme, which we have done successfully. Many thanks for your help and advice. I am now in a position to look for some other software. Many thanks again"
Steve Webb
Wellgate Community Farm.

"Thanks for the tip. I've ordered the Cals through CTC and it saves our charity a bunch. I'll be sure to talk to you guys when we have to do some proper buying, I get a strong feeling that you guys are not pushy and you really do want to help.
Kind regards, Rob"

Rob Ames
Surrey Science and Technology Regional Organisation

"Thanks for your help. Have registered with CTX and see how we go. All the best
Oz Osborne
Westden Services

"Subject: RE: Microsoft Donations Programme - information from Entec
Thanks very much Ian and for your honesty about this all on the phone. I'll come back to you as necessary. With best wishes, Boo"
Boo Armstrong
Managing Director
Get Well UK Award Winner: 2005 Integrated Health Futures Award. Committed to free complementary healthcare for NHS patients.

From 1st July 2006 Microsoft are donating software to charities for an administrative fee of between 4% and 8% of the retail price. This will give you very significant savings in the cost of acquiring Microsoft Software.

The programme is being operated in the UK for Microsoft by Charity Technology Trust (CTT) - itself a not-for-profit organisation.

CTT entitle the programme CTX and offer Microsoft and Cisco product donations to eligible organisations, via the online CTX Shop.  You will need to register your organisation via an online form and, if eligible, you will be sent login details for the CTX Shop within two working days and will then be able to 'order', online, with them.

Key programme criteria are that you may request a maximum of six different products and a maximum of fifty licences of each.  Over a two-year period you may 'order' twice, the second order having to be at least twelve months after the first.  From an analysis of orders to Entec the vast majority of our customers will be able obtain all their Microsoft requirements from the scheme.  Some careful IT planning may be required to get best utilisation.

Please visit http://www.ctt.org/donated_products/ for information on all aspects of the programme.  Alternatively, you can go directly to Getting Started at http://www.ctxchange.org/getting_started and find information on:

Because Entec specialise in working with the voluntary sector, supplying, installing and supporting your IT needs, we are genuinely pleased about the savings the CTX programme will give in obtaining Microsoft software.  Entec can apply on your behalf to CTX.

Entec can still help you with demands outside the programme criteria and with all the products that are not offered under the donations programme such as AVG, Act!, Adobe, Corel, McAfee, Mindjet, Quark, Sage, Symantec, etc.

If we can be of further assistance do please contact Entec on 01462 499599.

We look forward to helping further.