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InFocus - Learn Big IN2104EP Projector

Learn Big IN2104EP Projector

The InFocus Learn Big IN2104EP Projector is made for heavy-use with moderate-high resolution sources, featuring XGA-native resolution of 1024x768. This model is ideal for educators and students who typically connect to newer 4:3 laptop and desktop computer sources, document cameras and digital scopes to create immersive learning environments. The IN2104EP will perform at a higher level than the IN2102EP because every pixel on-screen is reflected from an individual mirror in the chipset, providing a larger, clearer projected image. The InFocus IN2104EP DLP projector with BrilliantColor™ technology and 5 segment colour wheel displays realistic colours and brighter images that last.

InFocus - Work Big IN2102EP Projector

The InFocus Work Big IN2102EP Projector contains an outstanding feature-set and strong performance with SVGA-native resolution of 800x600. This model is ideal for users who typically connect to older computer sources, DVD players, Standard-definition video cameras or other tape-based video content which fall within the SVGA pixel range. The InFocus IN2102 DLP projector with BrilliantColor™ technology and 5 segment colour wheel displays realistic colours and brighter images that last.


IN2104EP Projector

Special Offer: Receive a free lamp



IN2102EP Projector

Special Offer: Receive a free lamp


Epson - EBX6LAMP Projector

Epson - EBX6LAMP Projector

Affordable, high performance projectors for education or business. Start your presentation from just 5 seconds from power on, to full power! Pack away efficiently with less than 1 second cool down time before the double-beep signals it’s safe to unplug and go. Sliding lens cover to pause presentations, and protect the lens! Epson’s unique A/V mute slide technology means you can conveniently pause presentations to refocus the audiences’ attention on you.

Epson - EMP-83 Projector

Epson - EMP-83 Projector

The Epson EMP-83 desktop projector provides improved brightness, superb image quality, and multi-media capability at an affordable price. Easy to set up, use and turn off, it will bring your classroom or boardroom to life.

Epson - EMP-410WE Projector

Epson - EMP-410WE Projector

Ideal for your classroom or meeting room: flexible, efficient and reliable The Epson EMP-410WE projector provides high quality images even when positioned close to the screen. Easy to set up and control, it will deliver a 60” diagonal 16:10 image from a distance of only 62cm.

Epson - EBS6LAMP Projector

Epson - EBS6LAMP Projector



The multimedia partner that brings the big screen to work and home: The versatile Epson EB-S6 multimedia projector that always gives a professional performance. Outstanding for business or education presentations.


EBS6LAMP Projector

Free 3-year lamp warranty & receive a free 4th year hardware warranty



EBX6LAMP Projector

Receive a free 3-year lamp warranty.



EMP83HE Projector

Free 4th year hardware and lamp warranty.



EB410WE Projector

Free 4th year hardware and lamp warranty.


Hitachi - HITEDA101 Projector

Hitachi - HITEDA101 Projector
The Hitachi ED-A101/ED-A111 Projector has an ultra short throw capability delivering a 60" projection screen at only 42cm*.

Reduced throw distance and high angle projection capability means the projector can be placed in close proximity to the screen, bringing shadow-free images and greater flexibility for the user.


HITEDA100 Projector

Offer: Free 3 year unlimited lamp warranty!


Optoma EP727iLWP projector

The Optoma EP727iLWP Projector has a 3 year lamp warranty, onsite warranty, classroom excellent connectivity and security features designed to appeal to the public sector establishments.



Special Offer: 3 Year on site de/re install hard wear and 3 year lamp warranty


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