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Computer Disposal

Safe and legal disposal of old computers

Regulations now insist that IT equipment is disposed of correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition data protection law requires that information on hard disks must be destroyed or deleted confidentially.

Entec can offer you a service where computers and peripherals are broken up appropriately. On completion you will receive a certificate of data destruction and inventory of the devices.

The cost of safe and legal disposal is 45 pence per kilo. A typical PC and monitor weigh about 20kg. If our engineer is at your offices and has space in their vehicle we can bring a small number back to Entec and for this there is a small additional charge of £15. Otherwise we will arrange for them to be collected at a time convenient to you. For this there is a minimum charge of £60. This includes up to 133kg of equipment and then it’s 45 pence per kilo thereafter. Once weighed and destroyed Entec will invoice you.

Feedback from customers has been favourable. One Age Concern office commented to us:

“….that the people were very polite, all went smoothly and enjoyed a cup of tea with them afterward. He was very impressed with the service”.

Ask our engineer when on site or phone 01462 499599 and we’ll do the rest.