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Improving business systems: problem solving and solutions for internal processes

How many times have you thought, “There must be a better way of doing this”? Or perhaps you’ve accepted what happens because someone told you “that’s the way it’s done here”. But maybe………

Because you don’t know where to turn you get on with the job and get it done. It works. Maybe you wanted to get some information from your accounts system and you’ve managed it by pulling out data using two different reports and manually combined them in Excel? What about that mail merge to your clients that took a whole day? Or you’ve got a network of computers but you still have to find the office diary on someone’s desk in the office before an appointment can be put booked. What about that database you’ve managed to work with but you keep thinking it’s a laborious job.

Are you starting to think Management Consultants? Stop there! This is not a consultancy service that analyses your business processes, writes a report and walks away leaving you with an unwanted doorstop! Systems Consultancy is a hands-on, problem solving, practical provider of small solutions. As someone once said (possibly the CEO of Tescos) the route to success is to improve lots of things just a little rather than make one big change to one thing.

Although there is focus around IT, the work encompasses operations and systems that are much more wide ranging and include stock control, purchasing, payroll, personnel, billing and exhibition data capture.

The Entec Novare Team has even been praised by Management Consultants on how well they create and implement solutions to overcome existing problems or improve systems. This is work where the cost and time savings are tangible, visible and normally show a rapid return on investment.