Dear Greg,
Many thanks for pointing us in the right direction here. I've already registered with the Charity Technology Trust and I'm sure it'll save us a lot of money in the future!|Richard Corbridge, Chief Executive, Lancashire Global Education Centre (LGEC)

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Order single and multipack copies now

(Call 01462 499599 for licencing options)

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Audiovisual (AV)

Digital Cameras, camcorders, MP3 and DVD players, plasma and LCD screens, digital, audio and photo editing software, video projectors, screens and smartboards, video production and music creation software, sound reinforcement, video and web conferencing and Live Communication Servers, podcasts……………… Help!

The dramatic increase of interest in digital audio-visual has helped the prices plummet. Vendors are bringing out new and improved products every month – usually costing less and doing more than the previous version! But what to buy? And what works with what? Which bits of software and hardware do you need? How does it all fit together?

Equally understandably you may be busy with your organisation or work and you’ve given little thought about this emerging world. It can offer advantages, benefits and solve problems. And when Radio 5’s Wake up to Money programme or John Humphries on Radio 4’s Today programme are offering podcasts you have to stop to think……

At Entec Novare we have been supplying education and charities with audiovisual components for some time. Our experienced customers were having shop around to get the parts they required. Increasingly we started to become an unofficial one-stop shop for AV equipment.

To help our customer we have created an audiovisual specialist section with access to products from the key vendors.

For those who are already experts do give us a call for that Sony video editing software (currently £34) or that 120” (yes, 10 feet) LCD screen you require (currently about £50,000!)

For the newcomers some simple applications to prompt a few thoughts……