IT (ICT) solutions and software for Charities, Education Colleges, Schools, Universities, Staff and Students

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Entec Novare Limited
Grove House, Whitehorse Street
Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6QF

About Us

The Team at Entec Novare Limited, with experience from a diverse range of industries, has focussed on working with three customer groups:

  • Education – schools, colleges and universities and prisons
  • The Voluntary Sector – Charities, Not for Profit (including Housing Associations)
  • Small and medium sized business

We have supplied these sectors for 22 years with a comprehensive range of ICT and related products and services including implementation, communications, support and improvements to business systems.

For academic institutions, staff and students, charities and not for profit organisations, Entec is known throughout the UK for specially priced software. This extends within the voluntary sector community to the supply, installation and support of computer systems and networks.

However, the services we provide are far more wide-ranging than the supply of a working computer and software on a desk. We have worked with customers on their accounts systems, client records, databases and internal procedures, provided training to help organisations improve their internal systems, maximise income and minimise costs.

Our long experience in the public sector and not for profit organisations has put us in an ideal position to supply economical, cost effective ICT solutions and business systems consultancy to small and medium sized businesses.

For all sectors of business and the community there is now a need to identify the carbon footprint of their products and services. Entec’s supply and consultancy service is ideally positioned to work with you to help identify the footprint of your existing and proposed ICT infrastructure.

The company maintains close relationships and accreditations with key vendors including (among the many!) Adobe, Borland, Corel, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec.